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Ecuadorian Wedding Traditions

Posted at 12:00 am in News by Lorri Evans

psychology of online dating Despite its small size, Ecuador has abundant cultural traditions. These are a mixture of Catholic and indigenous influence. There are a number of interesting traditions that make Ecuador an awesome place for the wedding.

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The star of the event usually has on a colorful dress up or a classic white dress up. The soon-to-be husband is anticipated to wear a regular outfit.

The couple usually gives gifts to their parents. These may include food, earrings, or distinctive items. The bride may bring plants or a marriage bouquet.

A significant part of the marriage is the waltz. The star of the event usually dances with her father for the first move. The groom hires a band to sing to the new bride before the wedding. Often , the band plays a serenata.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom are blessed with ay water and next celebrate with food and beverages. They also give one another a dessert, known as a comensales de dulces.

The typical wedding ceremony party includes soups, meat, potatoes, and other meals. It is critical to note that the menu will vary depending on the area. The wedding ceremonies are usually held in the church, but they are likewise held in the bride and groom’s homes.

The wedding ceremony in Ecuador typically takes among four and five several hours. The wedding ceremony is performed with a priest or clergyman. The wedding ceremony feast is frequently a three-course meal.

The wedding ceremony feast in Ecuador likewise involves a cake, called a mesa sobre dulces. The marriage cake is decorated with tres leches confections.