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REDI Driver® is the ONLY gas powered post driver with over 6 years of World Wide proven reliability . DO NOT settle for less than THE original & THE best selling!
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2 Models to choose from:


*  2″ barrel “REDI Driver Classic” is perfect for driving t posts, smaller fence posts, grounding rods, anchors, and rebar.  Our exclusive handle extension kit can be added to any REDI Driver Classic.



*  3 1/8″ barrel “REDI Driver Boss” is perfect for driving larger fence posts, sign posts, guide posts, round wooden posts, silt fence,   and tent stakes.  Reducer sleeve is included so you can drive all your post sizes with this one simple driver!  Our Exclusive handle extension kit can be added to any REDI Driver Boss.  Magnum accessory barrel is available for driving larger profile posts over 3″.  Custom barrel with custom profile inserts and secondary hammer are available for driving carsonite type guide/marker posts.
Click on photos below to see each model in action!
REDI Driver Boss with 3 1/8″ barrel
REDI Driver Classic with 2″ barrel








You will always deal directly with the business owners at REDI Driver® Inc
Here at Redi Driver, we’ve been in the fence contracting business for over 30 years. We’ve driven far more posts and built more fences than we could ever count, the hard way. Using a tow behind compressor and a pneumatic driver–towing, starting & stopping, then towing, starting & stopping some more, all the while raveling and unraveling air hoses. So, when we learned about an amazing hose-free, hassle-free gas powered post driver out of Australia from Christie Engineering, we had to see for ourselves. We learned this Honda gas powered post driver has quickly become a best seller in the rugged outback of Australia because it’s gasoline powered, lightweight and self contained. No more pneumatic driver, which means no more towing, starting & stopping, or unraveling. And it works with a variety of fencing posts and fence types, including steel posts up to 3″ OD,  t posts, sign posts, u- channel posts, guide posts, tent stakes, some wooden posts, and grounding rods.



All new Handle Extension Kit can be added to any REDI Driver.  Will add over 2′ of length for driving taller posts without a ladder, or can be reversed to drive stakes without bending over.


Click on photos below to see extended handles in action!


REDI Driver extended handle
Extended Handle kit is Exclusive to REDI Driver


Please be informed before you purchase a Gas Powered Post Driver!
We are aware that similar gas powered post drivers have been placed on the market in the past few years…The REDI Driver has been copied, but not equaled!   We wish to assure our customers that the REDI Driver is built with pride and quality; it is the ONLY gas powered post driver with 5 years of proven reliability.  The REDI Driver is the ORIGINAL Petrol Post Driver which was developed and patented by the Christie Family of Christie Engineering in Australia. We are not associated with any other gas powered post driver manufacturer! If your gas powered driver does not have the CHRISTIE ENGINEERING stamp on it, you do not have the Original! The Christie Engineering driver has been on the market and in the hands of contractors for 5 years with virtually zero issues. Other gas powered models simply are not able to make this claim; they have yet to prove themselves in the hands of the public! The REDI Driver is very high quality inside and out, all the parts are made of materials specifically designed for optimum performance and have withstood the test of time! Thousands of drivers have been sold worldwide!
Chrisite Engineering "the inventor" of REDI Driver
Christie Engineering of Australia has been manufacturing the gas powered post driver for over 5 years.




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Note from our manufacturer’s website:

We are first and foremost an engineering company. Our reputation for high quality equipment is well known, in Australia and internationally, we turn good ideas into great equipment.

If it’s not stamped “Christie”, it’s not one of ours. We are Engineers and innovators, manufacturers of reliable, quality equipment that we design, we do not make copies of ANYTHING.