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From Amazon customer

Posted at 1:26 am in News by Nate Adkisson

5.0 out of 5 starsAmazing and Blows the competition away!
I own this Redi Driver and have used it to punch t-post in the most rocky unforgiving ground imaginable. I also own the Chinese knock off by Titan that you can pick up fo 400 bucks. There is literally no comparison. The Redi Driver is way lighter and drives the post so much faster. The Titan is heavy and gets stuck on roots an rocks. Don’t get me wrong, the Titan works better than doing it manually, but if you have hard rocky soil, spend the extra cash and you sink the post at least 5 times faster. Not to mention you wont get stuck on rocks and roots requiring you to relocate all the time. The Redi Driver is an amazing tool. I’ve lived on property for the last 20 years and have put up thousands of feet of fence and there is really nothing out there that beats it. My property is very hard to access in places but the Redi driver is light enough so that lugging it around isn’t a chore. It is really fuel efficient as well. I had to refil the Titan pounder every 13 or 14 t post in rocky soil. The Redi Driver would do about 30 before needing a refil. And the engine is a lot smaller on the Redi Driver. I astonished at the difference between the two. I wish I could take the titan back or maybe I can just sell it to someone who needs to pound post into top soil.