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REDI Driver Commercial / DOT package

Introducing the REDI Driver Commercial / DOT package – your go-to solution for efficient and safe post driving needs. Engineered for commercial use, this user-friendly package includes:

  • REDIboss78 post driver
  • REDIslvboss78 reducer sleeve
  • REDImagnum105 guide tube
  • REDIhandlkit2.5 handle extension kit

Tackle various post sizes with ease, making it perfect for fencing and construction projects alike.


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REDI Driver Commercial / DOT package

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Unlock unparalleled efficiency and reliability with REDIdotpckg, the premier gas-powered post driver package tailored for commercial applications. Crafted as the pinnacle of durability, this package is meticulously designed to withstand daily use, ensuring steadfast performance on every job. At its core, the REDIboss78 post driver stands as a symbol of robustness and longevity, paired seamlessly with the exclusive REDIslvboss78 reducer sleeve and innovative REDImagnum105 guide tube.

Experience versatility like never before with REDIdotpckg, capable of accommodating post sizes ranging from T-posts to larger U-channel and guide posts. The inclusion of the REDIhandlkit2.5 handle extension kit further amplifies user comfort and maneuverability, facilitating prolonged use across diverse environments. Engineered with simplicity in mind, REDIdotpckg streamlines post driving tasks, empowering professionals to work smarter and safer.

Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a DIY enthusiast, REDIdotpckg sets the standard for performance, reliability, and ease of operation. Elevate your productivity and redefine efficiency with REDIdotpckg – the ultimate solution for all your post driving needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About the RediDriver DOT Package

With its lightweight design, the REDIdotpckg weighs in at just 35 pounds or 42 pounds with the handle extension installed pounds, guaranteeing portability and ease of use on the job site.
The REDIboss78 operates seamlessly on straight unleaded gas, eliminating the hassle of oil mixing and ensuring hassle-free operation.
Boasting an impressive impact force of 25 joules and a BPM of 1820, the REDIboss78 ensures efficient and precise post driving, even in the toughest conditions.
Crafted with high-quality German steel and engineered polymer, the REDIboss78 is built to withstand rigorous use, featuring Viton O-rings for enhanced durability and longevity.
Yes, the REDIboss78 is equipped with a spring-loaded dampening system, effectively reducing vibration and increasing user comfort during prolonged use.
Backed by a leading 3 year warranty, the REDIdotpckg ensures peace of mind and satisfaction, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
Absolutely! With the right accessories, including the exclusive REDIslvboss78 reducer sleeve and REDImagnum105 guide tube, the REDIdotpckg can accommodate a wide range of post sizes, from T-posts to larger U-channel and guide posts, making it the ultimate choice for diverse post driving needs.

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Weight 57 lbs