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JJ Werner Lance Creek, Wyoming

We have two REDI Drivers on our ranch. We got them because my shoulders are shot from pounding posts the old way. But now I’m able to do more with bad shoulders than I could 20 years ago. And I’m hoping it keeps my kids from having the same problems later in life.

Michele - Az. Agr. La Buca Greve in Chianti

Works great with chestnut stake in the vineyard. I'm totally satisfied.

Jay - Ruff Country Fencing Montana

Using the RediDriver to pound in 2 7/8 pipe into sandstone on the CMR refuge

Mike - Public Lands Equal Access Alliance Cache National Forest, Utah

PLEAA is re-signing the Shoshone OHV Trail system in the Cache National Forest, east of Logan and Hyrum Utah. The carsonite sign posts are durable, but thin, hence the "sleeve" to stabilize the carsonite when it is driven into hard, rocky ground. We REALLY like our RediDriver!

Mark Nevada

Thank you to Star Fence in Nevada for sharing!

Mike - Clean Water Services Washington County, Oregon

Greetings, We use the RediDriver for installing 2" wood posts in streams for grade control structures or for in-filling between larger pole structures. The first year with our RediDriver we installed 30 structures, driving approximately 750 2"x6' poles!

Godley Fence Godley, TX

Thank you to Godley Fence in Godley, TX for sharing!

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