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Warranty Details

RediDriver® Inc. will warrant to the original purchaser, who purchases the equipment in new condition and in its original packaging from an authorized dealer, that its gas-powered post driver will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three (3) years. This warranty period will commence on the date of retail purchase by the original purchaser. RediDriver® Inc. provides no warranty on the Honda engine. This warranty is provided directly by Honda for a period of one (1) year commercial use or two (2) years normal use, and will be honored at any local Honda dealer. Both the RediDriver® Inc. warranty and the Honda warranty are non-transferable beyond the original purchaser.

Warranty shall pertain to parts or service offered by an authorized RediDriver® dealer. Any defective part replaced at an authorized RediDriver® location becomes the property of RediDriver® Inc. Shipping costs to transport the machine to and from the service center for warranty work will be the responsibility of the consumer. For warranty claims, contact RediDriver® Inc. with proof of purchase date.

Limitations of Warranty

This limited warranty does not extend to any RediDriver® product which has been misused, abused, or improperly maintained, altered, or repaired by an unauthorized person. Nor does this limited warranty cover any damage to machine or parts due to faulty installation of parts, faulty operation, or faulty maintenance.

  1. Damage to components caused by operator error such as dry-fire or misfire will not be considered for warranty replacement or service.
  2. Damage to cosmetic parts caused by rough handling, operator error, or improper storage and handling will not be considered for warranty replacement or service.
  3. Excluded components that may need replacement or repair due to normal wear and tear, or lack of improper use/ maintenance include:
    • O-rings and seals
    • Lost or stripped fasteners
    • Barrel of driver falling out from incorrect use of machine
    • Crank pin that is broken from incorrect handling (left-hand thread)
    • RediDriver® sleeves/accessories

Disclaimer: RediDriver® Inc. disclaims all liability for any implied warranties. Under no circumstances shall RediDriver® Inc. be liable for any loss of business, revenues, profit, or indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages or loss arising out of any defect in, or performance of,RediDriver® products, howsoever caused. For warranty terms on your Honda GX35 engine, please refer to the separate warranty in the Honda manual provided with your post driver. RediDriver® Inc. is an authorized Honda OEM for use of Honda brand engines on our products. The post driver has undergone and passed the testing requirements for the engines to be warranted directly by any authorized Honda dealer. Find a local dealer: