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REDI Driver Mega107

New! Stronger! Our new family of post drivers are even stronger with their Honda GX50 engines.

REDImega107 is the set up with the mega107 guide tube with a 4” ID.  this model comes with 2 reducers and driving caps (caps are required with this model; the hammer is smaller, but mighty).  this set up is perfect for folks who wish to drive from t posts up to 4” posts. If you wish to drive postmaster type of posts, it is recommended you purchase the REDImegamulti model which comes with the multi adapter & 3” hammer installed.

Same exclusive 3 year warranty provided by RediDriver®. Honda engine warrantied directly by Honda.


REDI Driver Mega107

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The REDI Driver Mega107 is a highly efficient and reliable tool for driving posts and poles into the ground. With its advanced technology and robust design, this powerful device ensures precise and effortless installation. Built with durability and safety in mind, the REDI Driver Mega107 is the ideal choice for professionals in various industries seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their post-driving needs.

Why Choose the new MEGA line of post drivers from REDI Driver

1. Powered by a larger HONDA gx50 engine

2. More powerful driving force

3. Larger piston and other internals

4. Longer duty cycle

5. Options to drive Postmaster types of posts, up to 3” posts, and some square profiles (multi)

6. No changing of anvils or other complicated adjustments for different post sizes

7. REDI Driver’s 3 year warranty on the post driver components

8. HONDA warranty on the engine

9. 3” hammer with multi-adapter